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Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN)

Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is under shipper responsability but is no more mandatory for hinterland and land-locked countries (Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tchad...)
CTN is no more mandatory at port of loading since regulation can be done at destination before customs clearance by consignee at the time of taking the delivery of their consignment.

To get Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) or for more details, the shipper can contact their head office at:


28, rue Léon Jouhaux Z.I. de la Fosse à la Barbière
93 605 Aulnay-sous-Bois Cedex

Phone33. 1.
Fax33. 1.
Web Sitehttp://www.phoenix-europe.fr

Except for cargo in transit, inspection is mandatory for all other cargo in Benin.

Prohibited goods

  • Radioactives materials
  • Arms and Ammunitions

The following is required for Dangerous Goods:

  • Pre-alert message before loading
  • Manifest to be received from Port of Load, 72 hours prior vessel arrival
  • Delivery under hook

Customs requirement for vehicles to Cotonou port

Following informations are now made mandatory for all cars or vehicles to Cotonou port as per customs new regulation since April 7th 2009:

  • year of manufacturing
  • brand
  • full chassis number


Benin Customs is very strict and require accurate cargo description.

Benin Customs House

01 BP 400 Cotonou
République du Bénin

Phone+229 21 315 548
Fax+229 21 316 786

New Program for Import Cargo Clearance

Since July 2011, all import process is performed through the new programm named "Guichet Unique Portuaire" (GUP).
This consist in centralisation of all formalities and payments with different company operating inside the port: Customs, Stevedore, Port, Cnertp, Ccib, Cncb. This means, no cargo can be picked-up without "Gup" green light.

Inspection Bureau VERITAS (BIVAC)

Momentary suspended.

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